RaRaw Botanicals: 6 Things to Know About Our Small Business

RaRaw Botanicals: 6 Things to Know About Our Small Business

Business name and a brief explanation of what you do!

At RaRaw Botanicals, we curate gift sets through a combination of our own natural product line and handpicked bath body and treats from a collection of talented handmade crafters. These gifts are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also connect personally through a combination of products that are sourced through local and handmade business. In addition to these, we also offer care packages you can send to friends and family. There’s no better way to show someone you care than encouraging them to take time to care for themselves.

How did you get into your business?

RaRaw Botanicals is a women owned business that started an Etsy shop many years ago and from there we have ventured out of our comfort zone into the space of the world wide web. As scary and intimidating as this might be - we are ready to share our creative goodness with the world. We've been creating gift sets for over 10 years and absolutely love what we do.

What makes your business unique?

We create self-care gifts through a combination of our own natural bath & body and spa products. This includes in home, bath soy candles, handcrafted soaps, and body butters. RaRaw Botanicals mission is to promote self care and wellness while also connecting people through personalized curated gift-sets. You can find a gift set for almost any occasion. Whether it being for a birthday, a new home, a mom to be, a bride to be, a client gift, a retirement celebration, a thank you, a care package, ect. You can find a gift set for every one of life's moments! :)

What do you like most about being a small business owner?

The care. Creating a product for someone to have for themselves or to gift to others is an important responsibility. You have the power to put thought and time in each product you create. It brings joy to me knowing that the care I curate through each of my products will be recognized by each customer and their loved ones. 

What challenges do you face as a small business owner?

The biggest challenge my small business faces is exposure. When you create a product you're passionate about, you want to find people who will support and love it. Trying to have a voice on all platforms to search for those people has been difficult.

Is there anything you want our audience to know about you or your business?

Good vs. Quality. Good is an opinion and quality is a fact. We choose quality every time based on our procedures for each of our products. We create in home, bath soy candles, handcrafted soaps, and body butters. The care, time, and thought we put into each of our self-care products promotes a promise of quality. It’s what separates our business from the rest by continuing the uniqueness we bring with each of our curated natural products.

 Thank you for supporting my small business. When you shop small, you're helping a dream become reality. I hope that each RaRaw Botanicals gift box helps to create a feeling of gratitude, relaxation and inner bliss.

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