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RaRaw is Botanical Goodness. Self Care Gifts packaged beautifully with ingredients that nourish + soothe, fragrances that lift + elevate and essential oils that calm + relax.

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You Deserve Some TLC, Too

When things get overwhelming, the best thing to do is create pockets of peace for yourself. Practice some self-care and let RaRaw Botanicals make the process better for you with handcrafted candles and soaps made with luxurious yet natural ingredients and essential oils with aromatherapeutic benefits.

RaRaw Botanicals curates gift sets through a combination of our own natural product line and handpicked bath body and treats from a collection of talented handmade crafters. We hope that each gift box will give you a feeling of gratitude, relaxation, and inner bliss.

The Ultimate Self-Care Experience

We create spa gift sets that promote self-care and wellness. These gifts are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also connect personally through a combination of products that are sourced through local and handmade business. In addition to these, we also offer care packages you can send to friends and family. There’s no better way to show someone you care than encouraging them to take time to care for themselves.

Explore our site to learn more about our products and to place an order. Our products are available for nationwide shipping, and we offer free quotes and estimates as well.

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