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RaRaw Botanicals: A Mothers Day Gift Guide

It has been a hard year for us all - but especially for moms. This Mother’s Day is an ideal time to shower the maternal figures in your life with some much-deserved love and attention. Whether you’re shopping for new mom gifts, gifts for grandma, or gifts for mother-in-law, every mom needs a relaxing and de-stressing gift. While moms deserve to be celebrated each and every day, Mothers Day is the perfect time to send your mom a sentimental and personalized gift with much needed self care products. 

But how do you say thank you to the woman who gave you life? Start with a self care gift arrangement box! No gift would be complete without a personalized corresponding Mother’s Day card.

RaRaw Botanicals acquires the perfect selection to find unique, personalized, and affordable gifts for this Mothers Day. Our self care gift arrangement boxes bridge a pandemic's distance in a creative way! You can order a self care box to deliver to your mom in person or even send it straight to them!

Our mama bear succulent is a great addition to add on to a Mothers Day gift set or to purchase itself.


Our Mother's Day gift set includes:

10 oz large soy candle - this is one of our custom blends ( Lavender Lemon Honey)

4 oz Lavender Handmade Soap - Vegan and nourished with essential oils of Lavender

4 oz Lavender Essential oil Body Butter

4 oz relaxing bath salts in lavender

1 loofah sponge

1 vanilla natural butter lip balm

a special treat - 3 pieces of organic honey butter taffy from Anellabees. Anellabees was inspired by a curious little beekeeper and her mother's passion to create a honey-based candy with quality ingredients. Reminiscent of the taffy from your childhood, but without any artificial flavors, gluten or preservatives.

Mothers day card with your printed message on the back

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