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Hostess Gifts Ideas


Everyone is out and about traveling, making memories and just getting some much needed sun and fun after a long year of quarantine.

The summer has been booming with vacation rentals, air bnb’s and beach houses filled with family and friends.

So what’s the proper etiquette to thank your hostess or a stay at someone’s beach house?

It’s always nice to have something already planned before the trip on what you will give as a gift. That way, if shipping is going to take a week or so, you’ll know how many days in advanced you’ll need to order the gift.

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A few NOT to Gift items:


  • flowers
  • If your unsure if your hostess has any food restrictions - then it’s a good idea to stay away from gift baskets filled with chocolates, coffee and treats.
  • Perishable items like fruit
  • Clothes, shoes, jewelry


A few ideas to Gift


  • gift card to they’re favorite restaurant
  • Favorite Wine and cheese board dried fruits, nuts and artisan honey
  • Spa gift or self care items (lotions, soaps, scrubs)
  • Candle gift set
  • Linen robes (neutral colors) with slippers


Make someone’s day by sending them something they will really use and appreciate. Besides who needs more clutter?

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