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Best sympathy gifts idea

 Are flowers really the best condolence or sympathy gift?


When I was 9 months pregnant with my first son - I went through one of the hardest times of my life. My dear father suddenly passed away at 64 years old and life turned upside down for my family and I.


Of course it was a time for family and friends to send condolences.  My home started filling up with flowers- some not in vases, some in pretty vases.


Did I appreciate the gesture? Yes. But, I always thought to myself why do people send flowers? They last a mere week if that. Who has time to change the water, trim the stems and make them look alive again? At 9 months pregnant and trying my best to give my mom the emotional support she needed was a challenge on its own.


So what are some ideas? I really believe candles and self care items can actually be used in times of distress. There’s something positive about a flame and soft subtle fragrance that brings a certain type calmness to a upset soul.


I’ve also heard about families donating to a Charity in the honor of a passing loved one.


Whatever you may choose as your condolence or sympathy gift - try something different then flowers. As beautiful as flowers can be - they require attention. And In times of distress it’s just not the sympathy gift I would want to receive.

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